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I, geek

(Or Software Engineer / Systems Developer if you prefer...)

For many years I've been a coder (eg Perl, C, PHP, *ML, OO given half a chance, plus others), security and Linux (RedHat (CentOS, Fedora), SuSE SLES) evangilist.

I'm fascinated by the potential of Linux when placed at the heart of systems. What systems? Since university I've been interested in medical sensors and vehicle control systems. In more recent times I've been interested in using Linux devices on the Web (or at least communication over the Internet). Examples of things that've peaked my interest range from smart devices in the home, across to web applications running on "normal" workstations/servers.

Something else worth mentioning is that I really am a geek; I love things that beep & have flashing lights. Whether this is high level light bulb poking or low level chip tickling, it's all good :)
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@ school

I graduated from Bradford University (Department of Electrical Engineering) with a honours degree in Electronic, Telecommunication and Computer Engineering. The degree covered electronic engineering (analogue, digital), communications systems (from transmission line through to mobile telephony and satellite communications), real-time systems, DSP design and lots and lots (and lots) of mathematics. There was more of course, but I won't bore you here.

GPT (which became Marconi and is now Ericsson) sponsored me through the 4 years. I went to work for them in my third year, joining the team dealing with digital telephony. I spent the first half of my time there testing software for release to BT ("System Proving") and the remaining time in the System Design department, where I developed a call feature interaction testing. I also began learning what Unix could do during this time.

I got to wear a silly hat and grin along with my classmates on the Ampitheatre at Bradford. Here is a 160kB scan of the graduation photo. I am in there. Somewhere. You can have a virtual fun-size chocolate bar if you find me.

A few years ago I tried my hand at an MSc through a distance learning course with the Open University. I became... disenchanted with them, and stopped paying them obscene amounts of money.

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I've been around a little over the years. In 1997-'98 I was a Degree Sponsored Student Trainee at GPT. Then after graduation I've been....
My main skills lay in programming (C, GNU tools, Web programming (LAMP), Databases), systems design and development, Linux & Windows administration. Any programming these days ends up with _someone_ administering the systems used, and - apart from my first job when I knew next to nothing about anything much - I've always been the one tinkering. It's scary how much you learn over time, isn't it?

I won't publish my CV here, it's available to companies directly approaching me, or if I decide to send to a particular company. Have a look at this instead, sort of a loose, informal CV if you really insist.

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Professional Bodies

We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.


I am a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and have been since 1995 (until 2006 they were the Institution of Electrical Engineers or the IEE). Since 2004 I have held a place on the IET Cambridge branch (or Local Network) - and am on the Main Committee. In the past (when I was young enough... sigh...) I've been the IET Cambridge Younger Members Hon. Secretary. Whilst a YM I successfully organised the IET's presence at the Cambridge Science Festival when at the Guild Hall.


I am also a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and am a member of the IEEE Computer Society.

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Continuing Professional Development.

CPD is important in many industries. I am registered with the IET on their CPD programme. I am also registered with the Engineering Council (level 1) to eventually get my C.Eng (Chartered Engineer) qualificaion.

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