Dublin, January 2006

A short break - Sunday to Tuesday, we thought Dublin would be a good place to visit. Neither of us had ever been there, so.. why not?

We flew to Dublin, and got the Aircoach from the airport into the City. However at the moment the M1 is undergoing major roadworks and by the time we reached our hotel light was fading so we decided not to bother going into the City Centre.

On Monday we took the Luas into St. Stephen's Gate and walked up to the Tourist Information office in St Andrew's church. We can recommend the city tour (ours was the red one) as it showed us all the areas we might want to walk around (and those we wouldn't...) together with the location of tourist traps.

Monday : Tour + Dublin Castle + Jameson Distillery + the chimney next door + on foot sightseeing.
Tuesday : Tour bus to Guinness + Dublinia exhibition + walking around + a visit to the Chocolate Cafe.

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Reviews - Food!

Hilton (central) restaurant
Breakfast! Well worth it. The restuarant has a small scale counter for the hot buffet, but *does* serve vegetarian saussages. Most welcome.
Hilton (central) bar the Third Stop
A simple menu. Had a special evening menu for Chinese New Year. It might not be very quick, but was tasty.
We had an afternoon snack - not bad for the price.
Subway - Wellington Quay
Don't bother.
Acapulco Mexican
7 South Great Georges St. Dublin 2
Very nice welcome, simple, quick, efficient service. Very nice food. €39.20 for two of us; starter + main + drinks.
Would visit again.
4 Aungier St, Dublin 2
Phone: +353 (0) 1 475 0309
Go Here To Eat. It might not look much on the inside - don't expect silver service etc. DO EXPECT OUTSTANDING FOOD!
Worth going back to Dublin for.

Reviews - Tourism

City Sightseeing Tour
Many stops along the route - hop on & hop off
€14 each (Adults)
Tickets from St Andrew's church = Tourist Information Office.
Suffolk Street, Dublin 2
Dublin Castle
Dame Street, Dublin 2
€4.50 each
Very very well presented guided tour of Dublin Castle together with the underground remains of historical building.
Jameson Distillery
Bow Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7
€8.75 each (Adult)
(Triple distilled, don'tcha know...?)
Guided tour starting with video presentation taking you through the ingredients and methods used to distill.
Worth a visit. And you get to try some Whiskey at the end.
The Chimney, Smithfield Village
€5 each (Adult)
Chief O'Neill's Hotel, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7
185ft tower with a glass viewing platform giving marvellous views of... fog.
Offer : Our bus tour ticket gave us 2 for 1 entrance
On foot - sights from ground level
On the bus you see some nice looking buildings in the City area, but you might miss one or two interesting bits. For instance, in the photos below you'll see a building on the other side of the river from us (at the time we took the photo...) that has a scene painted on it half way up. No idea what it means though.
Guinness Storehouse
St. James' Gate, Dublin 8
€14 (Adult)
A self-guided tour of the history & making of guinness. Much larger scale than Jameson's... but both very much worth seeing in their own rights.
Photos are below..
Dublinia Exhibition
€6 (Adult)
St Michael's Hill, Christchurch, Dublin 8 (near Fishambles St.)
A self-guided tour of Viking and medieval times in Dublin.
The Chocolate Cafe
24 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

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Here are some photos (thumbnails)

Built in 1962 replacing the S.S. Guinness Built 1930 to take Guinness to Londoners. 'Till 1938 when London brewery started. The Vikings plonked this down when they arrived. Steam engine from 1902. Used on the Guinness narrow gauge railway in the 1870s. Light comes in through the roof, apparently.