Non-work Geekdom.

So what can I put in there that's remotely interesting? Good Question. There are many things I do on a month by month basis either to fix problems with my systems or those of others, or just to implement something I think will be useful. The latter invariably leads to the former.



Computers are evil. Fact.
I am to be found mostly dealing with Evil running Linux of some flavour or other (packaged as some distribution or other) or Windows of some kind.
Until about the year 2000, shortly before the y2k bug hiatus, I was using mostly Windows, and had used Solaris for *nix work. After that time, I started playing with RedHat (6.something) and kept dabbling after that.
During 2003 I became what some might call a Linux Power User - I knew which bit of code/library/hardware had broken, without necessarily knowing how to fix it. More recently I'm still working on Linux and also with Windows - both for daily use and programming for whatever I'm working on at the time.

In here I've put bits & pieces about mobile phones I've found out. Usually fixes...

In here you'll find tips & tricks I've used over the years for programming, diagnosing problems with computer kit, COTTS software etc etc. You might find something useful. Hope so.


I've always been one of those people who are happier taking something apart and seeing how it works than actually using it. I suppose that is why I was always fond of Lego when I was a kid (OK, still am).
Take a look here if you think you'll find something useful..

Electronical stuff

Although I might be of the opinion that a degree in Electronic Engineering wasn't the smartest thing I ever read for, the fact is that I was playing with electronic components and circuit theory before I started to take computers really seriously. Of course, things did change round, and I sometimes found myself asking "why can't electronic systems be built like computer programs" when trying to work my way through another page of Laplace Transforms...

I have played over the years with electronic this, and beeping that. I have a page around these parts that might one day contain useful bits and bobs for someone... Things that explain far better than a text book for example. (e.g. Bessel Functions, anyone?)